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"NFO offers an outstanding service that is matched no where else in my opinion." - Minion Order

"My ping ranges from 23-29 and I keep perfect fps as well as 0 choke/loss. Registry is AWSOME, the forums are AWSOME, the tools available are AWSOME!!" - Flying-Squirrel

"... after having (our) nfo server up for 30mins people started to flock to us. They were like (our) pings are so good and it's so smooth. I can't thank everyone at nfo enough. You all are hands down the best server / people out there." - Tomconno

"Most GSP tend to have their servers going to the crapper within months but not NFo, they been on top of everything day by day, and their support is still ranked #1 in my book." - IcEWoLF

"If you're thinking about switching to NFO, do it. I don't know of any other server company in which you can get live support 24/7 and have someone ... nicely explain to you how servers work for almost THREE hours! This company continues to have excellent customer service." - kmal2t

"Best service and support you can ever imagine, price could be triple and after dealing with NFO, i would pay it without blinking!! " - Mystery

"Nuclearfallout is hands down the best public server GSP out there..." - ix007

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The basics

+ We work hard to stay on top.

NFOservers is a premium US server provider focused on offering the highest possible performance services at the lowest possible cost, combining these with outstanding service and powerful additional features.

NFO has been in operation since 2001, and we've been selling game servers since 2002 - since before the term "GSP" existed. We've stayed a top provider because we've always offered the highest performance, most reliable servers, with unmatched service and support and a top-notch control panel and automated systems.

We ensure performance in many ways.
  • By purchasing and colocating the latest in server hardware, and by consistently underloading our machines
  • Through advanced automated systems that continuously monitor our network and handle downed machines and load-balancing, notify us of any network outages and slowdowns, and efficiently process server creations and upgrades
  • With premium INAP bandwidth, which is the highest-quality single source of transit available and links us up with all the major National Service Providers (NSPs), including CenturyLink/Savvis, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon/XO, Verio/NTT, and Telia
  • By custom route tweaking -- at all locations, we can investigate routing performance problems and perform adjustments to fix outbound route selection mistakes
  • In Seattle and Chicago, through direct peering to major ISPs, including Canadian ISPs
We're so confident about our performance that we even offer a full performance guarantee.

The service level we provide simply can't be beat.
  • All our staff members are both dedicated and knowledgeable and can help out with just about any problem a customer runs into -- and when they can't, our CEO usually can. Well over a decade in the hosting business have taught us not just how to run reliable servers and networks at peak performance and at sustainable prices, but also how to support them properly.
  • The help request system built into our control panel instantly connects customers to a staffmember to make the help quick and painless. E-mails go into this same system and are also answered within minutes.
  • The staff handles game and OS updates and constantly monitors bandwidth and CPU levels, so you won't have to worry about anything but customizing your service.
  • Our service times are covered by our SLA! We guarantee that we'll answer new requests within 2 hours.
We may be one of the largest game server providers, but we're still a very small company -- we make less in revenue than many fast food restaurant locations! Our small size works to our customers' advantage because customers know they can get the same knowledgeable people helping them every time, and because we can react very quickly to customer needs. We see every order and every cancellation and every customer is important to us.

Our control panel is among the best available. It has all of the features one would expect any CP to offer, plus numerous others. For instance, for game servers, we provide:
  • The ability to start and stop the server
  • A live status link to see the server's status from the perspective of our webserver, and usage graphs to show its player history
  • Simple, direct file editing through a built-in File Manager, and an FTP link for game servers to make more advanced changes (with full access to the server)
  • An "Easy setup" page for many game types that makes initial server setup a breeze
  • Multiple user support with logging
For stability and reliability, we're second to none.
  • We use only top-tier datacenters (including Equinix and INAP-managed facilities), with full, redundant battery and generator backups.
  • INAP provides extremely reliable bandwidth, using multiple levels of redundant hardware throughout its network.
  • All our hardware is high-end, server-grade gear with ECC memory.
  • Remote backups of webhosting, voice servers, email, and stats are made daily, to guard against catastrophic data loss. Game servers are backed up weekly. VDSes are all run on RAIDs.
  • Our full 100% SLA covers our hardware, network, service times, and install intervals.
We're also constantly improving and integrating customer feedback! We're always striving to be better. Our CEO alone has logged tens of thousands of hours debugging and improving our control panel and automated backend systems, tweaking both our Windows and Linux machines to their absolute best, and performing network reroutes and improvements like the ones we mentioned above. We listen to our customers and prioritize changes that are most commonly requested.