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"NFO offers an outstanding service that is matched no where else in my opinion." - Minion Order

"My ping ranges from 23-29 and I keep perfect fps as well as 0 choke/loss. Registry is AWSOME, the forums are AWSOME, the tools available are AWSOME!!" - Flying-Squirrel

"... after having (our) nfo server up for 30mins people started to flock to us. They were like (our) pings are so good and it's so smooth. I can't thank everyone at nfo enough. You all are hands down the best server / people out there." - Tomconno

"Most GSP tend to have their servers going to the crapper within months but not NFo, they been on top of everything day by day, and their support is still ranked #1 in my book." - IcEWoLF

"If you're thinking about switching to NFO, do it. I don't know of any other server company in which you can get live support 24/7 and have someone ... nicely explain to you how servers work for almost THREE hours! This company continues to have excellent customer service." - kmal2t

"Best service and support you can ever imagine, price could be triple and after dealing with NFO, i would pay it without blinking!! " - Mystery

"Nuclearfallout is hands down the best public server GSP out there..." - ix007

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News  and   updates
Dedicated server and VDS changes 05/08/2017; Edge100x Comments: 6
We've switched to having a separate Windows cost for dedicated servers now -- and lowered prices a bit for all dedicated machines and VDSes at the same time.

We're breaking out the Windows cost for two main reasons: because it simply costs us less to run Linux, at least after a machine is set up; and because we've been seeing a lot of confusion from Windows customers who have been comparing our base prices (which have always included the Windows license) to other companies' base prices (which almost never include the Windows license). We're actually quite competitive with our machine pricing versus other companies that use server-grade components and quality bandwidth, and we want to make sure that comes through!

In terms of the VDS price decrease, most packages have been reduced in price. The six-core option has come down from $47.99 to $39.99, for instance -- a savings of almost 17%.

If you already have dedicated machine with us, make sure to contact us so that we can adjust your month-to-month pricing going forward. If you have a VDS, make sure to refinance through our order page.
Encryption has been added to our hosted sites 04/26/2017; Edge100x Comments: 0
We've added free, automatic support for Let's Encrypt to our hosted websites now. This means that domains added by customers now automatically work both through http:// and https:// URLs, by default.

Customers can still use our upgraded Pro plan and their own provided SSL certificate if they need a dedicated IP address (which expands compatibility with old browsers), wish to install an EV certificate, or can't use Let's Encrypt because the validation process isn't compatible with their website.

We talk more about our new SSL/TLS support in a new Knowledgebase section here.
Sales! 02/18/2017; Edge100x Comments: 5
Our 20% off sale on new standalone game servers that are transferred to us from a competitor is back! When ordering, just use the coupon code EYSMGI and put the IP address and port of your old game server in the "Comments" field (that old server will need to go down within 30 days). For people who have been suffering at another host for games like Conan Exiles, this is a perfect time to come over to a highly reliable, reputable company with the guaranteed highest performance.

We are also running a sale on dedicated servers, bringing down their prices by $10. (If you have an existing server with us, just open up a support request and we can put you at the new sale price, too.)

Update on March 22: The 20% off sale has now ended, but the dedicated server sale continues.
VDSes get more bandwidth at lower prices 07/22/2016; Edge100x Comments: 46
We've switched up our Virtual Dedicated Server / VDS prices in order to lower the per-core cost by about 20%, and we've included 50% more bandwidth in every package for free!

We have also switched to having a separate Windows cost. We've long resisted this change, but mounting Microsoft licensing costs have made it necessary to break that fee out separately and charge it to only those clients who need Windows. The good news for Windows clients is that the overall price of most packages is still lower than it was yesterday, even with the separate Windows fee -- because it is a flat amount that is the same regardless of how many cores are purchased.

Existing clients can update to the latest pricing through our order page, at their option. As always, old pricing and options are grandfathered in for as long as a customer doesn't submit a change, so customers have the option of sticking with their current package or updating to the new model.
20% off switched game server is back, and dedi discount 05/09/2016; Edge100x Comments: 2
We've started back up our special 20% off deal for game server customers who are switching to us from a competitor. As before, just use the special discount code EYSMGI when ordering a standalone game server, and include the IP address and port of the server that you are switching over in the comments box (that server needs to be fully switched over within 30 days).

We've also lowered the price for most of our dedicated server packages by $10 today. New customers will automatically receive the discounted price, which is shown on the order page. If you already have a dedicated server with us, make sure to contact us through the "Help!" page in your control panel so that we can manually lower its price for you and make sure you continue getting the best deal!
E3-1270 v5 machines now available for purchase in Chicago 02/17/2016; Edge100x Comments: 15
We have a limited number of E3-1270 v5 machines now available for purchase in Chicago! These are the latest and greatest from Intel and come with more RAM (64 GB) and a larger SSD (1 TB) than our other offerings here.

The hardware behind these is in pre-production, which means that it's been tested but isn't yet generally available. The next location that we will offer these is Frankfurt, which we hope to have ready by early the middle of next month.
20% off for switching a game server from another server host 11/19/2015; Edge100x Comments: 10
This popular offer is back!

Transfer any game server from a competitor and take advantage of this sale on a standalone game server here.

Just use coupon code EYSMGI when you order and put the IP address and provider name that you are switching from in the "Comments" field of our order page to get the 20% off. That discount will be grandfathered in for as long as the same server is kept here in the same configuration.

This can be used to switch over regular shared-platform game servers from somewhere else, or to transfer over servers on dedicated machines or VPSes currently rented from other companies. Our standalone servers offer the highest performance, guaranteed, so this is a great time to step up the quality of your server!
NFO is hiring again 09/25/2015; Edge100x Comments: 4
NFOservers is looking to hire another support agent. If you're interested, head over to our employment page and take a look at the description, requirements, and application process.
Forums upgraded to phpBB 3.1 07/29/2015; Edge100x Comments: 4
We've upgraded the forums to phpBB version 3.1 (from 3.0.x) and moved them to http://forums.nfoservers.com, for security reasons.

We're still tweaking the theme -- our old theme didn't transfer directly over and we had made various modifications to streamline it over the years.
Chicago bandwidth upgrade 07/17/2015; Edge100x Comments: 27
We have added two more transit providers in Chicago. These bump up our total upstream connectivity in Chicago to 50 Gbps (with the effective DDoS mitigation capacity much higher because of filtering done by each upstream). The primary benefit of these extra providers is further resistance to large DDoS attacks, but the direct upstream links also increase performance by allowing us to bypass Internap for some inbound and outbound traffic and to better tweak routing paths. We will continue to use Internap as our primary bandwidth provider at this location.

To reflect these changes, we have renamed the location from "InterNAP Chicago" to "Premium Chicago". All current customers have been upgraded automatically.