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"NFO offers an outstanding service that is matched no where else in my opinion." - Minion Order

"My ping ranges from 23-29 and I keep perfect fps as well as 0 choke/loss. Registry is AWSOME, the forums are AWSOME, the tools available are AWSOME!!" - Flying-Squirrel

"... after having (our) nfo server up for 30mins people started to flock to us. They were like (our) pings are so good and it's so smooth. I can't thank everyone at nfo enough. You all are hands down the best server / people out there." - Tomconno

"Most GSP tend to have their servers going to the crapper within months but not NFo, they been on top of everything day by day, and their support is still ranked #1 in my book." - IcEWoLF

"If you're thinking about switching to NFO, do it. I don't know of any other server company in which you can get live support 24/7 and have someone ... nicely explain to you how servers work for almost THREE hours! This company continues to have excellent customer service." - kmal2t

"Best service and support you can ever imagine, price could be triple and after dealing with NFO, i would pay it without blinking!! " - Mystery

"Nuclearfallout is hands down the best public server GSP out there..." - ix007

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News and updates
Mordhau and Outlaws of the Old West support added 05/16/2019; Edge100x Comments: 0
Preliminary support has been added for Mordhau servers and Outlaws of the Old West servers to our regular shared/managed system, allowing customers to rent servers for these games directly or add them to a managed VDS/machine.
E-2186G machines now available in NYC 02/14/2019; Edge100x Comments: 0
We've added E-2186G machines to our New York location, and also added more to Chicago. These may not last long, based on the inventory selling out in something like a week last time!

We are working with our hardware vendor to explore ways to get additional machines with a shorter lead time, and to obtain smaller numbers of machines for our smaller locations. This hardware generation has had serious supply chain problems.
E-2186G machines now available in Chicago 12/23/2018; Edge100x Comments: 2
We have a limited number of E-2186G machines now available for rent in Chicago. Due to constrained supply and additional costs in obtaining and setting up this hardware, initial prices are a bit higher than other recent configurations have been, but these machines also have 6 cores instead of the four that E3 machines offered, and each of those cores is particularly fast, so these machines should offer an excellent value.

The E-2186G has similar specs to a consumer-grade i7-8700k processor, but the E-2186G has a slightly higher base clock speed, has a better turbo table (so when more cores are in use, each core runs faster), uses better ECC memory, and is a bit more reliable overall due to more exacting standards with the CPU/chipset/memory/cooling.
Labor day sale! 08/29/2018; Edge100x Comments: 6
Our latest sale gives:

- 50% off Minecraft servers
- 10% off most other game server types

We've also adjusted VDS pricing permanently, lowering it to be similar to what we offered with our July 4 sale.

If you have an existing service with us that is covered by these changes, we recommend adjusting it through the order page, locking in the new lower price. Thanks to our grandfathering policy, every package in our system stays the same price for as long as it is kept in the same configuration -- even if that price came from a temporary sale.
July 4 sale 07/03/2018; Edge100x Comments: 0
We're running two promotions to celebrate Independence Day in the US:

- VDSes have 10% knocked off their base prices. Both new customers and existing customers can benefit from this sale.
- 20% off the base prices on new standalone game servers transferred from a competitor -- enter the IP address and old provider name for the server you'll be shutting down somewhere else and then use coupon code EYSMGI to take advantage of this.
Two new promotions to celebrate the new year! 01/26/2018; Edge100x Comments: 1
VDSes: Coupon code XBMWZV will give 10% off the base cost of a 4-core or larger VDS
Game servers: Coupon code FBUNWU gives 10% off the order

It's not a sale, but we're also reconfiguring dedicated server pricing a bit, in a way that should help people who are planning to rent long-term. Specifically, we've implemented a lower monthly rate that we pay for with a higher setup fee -- customers pay more up-front but then save each month. Compared to pre-holiday pricing, customers will make up the extra setup fee in three months, after which the server is just plain lower cost for the customer.

To make sure that current customers won't be left out of the dedicated server change, we're allowing anyone who already has a machine to switch to the new model by paying the difference in cost between the new setup fee and what they originally paid. Customers can also always stick with what they have already, thanks to our price grandfathering policy, which guarantees that a service will have the same price for as long as it is kept in the same configuration.

This promotion has ended now! To those who upgraded and used it, thank you.
About the new CPU vulnerabilities 01/04/2018; Edge100x Comments: 3
The just-publicly-announced processor bugs related to speculative execution are very serious for any host that runs customer-provided code, whether virtualized or not. We have been working hard internally to apply currently-released mitigations required for them quickly, as we wait for other mitigations from our vendors (for Windows, Linux, and firmware with new Intel microcode, for instance).

These bugs are complicated, but fundamentally, they allow untrusted code to leverage how CPUs released in the last 20 years work behind-the-scenes to get access to data in other parts of memory that the code shouldn't be able to reach -- allowing processes to read secret keys and passwords stored in kernel memory, for instance. Limited attacks can even be performed using Javascript run from inside a web browser. The defense for such exploits involves changing how the CPU behaves and better-isolating user code, but mitigations come at an unavoidable performance cost, estimated by some to be around 5%. The cost is higher for software that interacts with the kernel more often, such as through frequent I/O.

On our end, we have two primary concerns: Securing shared hosting platforms such as game servers and webhosting (where a customer could run an exploit that accesses our data or other customers' data); and securing virtual machine hosts (where a customer could run an exploit that accesses anything else on the same machine). In terms of the former, we will be applying OS updates and potentially separate firmware updates (which Microsoft requires but Linux does not, because Linux is designed to support loading new microcode at run-time). These will require reboots. In terms of the latter, we are minimally impacted because the big exploits only apply to Xen's "PV" domains and those running on specific older hardware; but, we will be needing to change how our Managed Linux and webhosting platforms are managed, which will require additional reboots for only customers with Managed Linux servers and those using our shared webhosting.

On the customer side, any customer with an unmanaged VDS or unmanaged dedicated machine will need to update the OS, at minimum, after fixes become available.

Some sites that talk about the newly-discovered bugs in depth:

New offer to game developers 11/10/2017; Edge100x Comments: 9
We're looking to help game developers with successful game rollouts!

Specifically, we've started a new program to give game developers free dedicated machines when they release a new game. If you know a game developer that could take advantage of this, please pass it along!
Fall dedicated server setup sale 11/10/2017; Edge100x Comments: 4
For a limited time, we are offering free standard setup for all new dedicated server orders. If you've been thinking about moving another dedicated server to a higher quality host, now is a great time to do it!

We have also dropped the price of new machines in Dallas temporarily, since we have extra stock there.
Summer discounts and news 06/29/2017; Edge100x Comments: 23
We have a bunch of price decreases and other news!

Dedicated servers:

  • We're now offering E3-1275v6 machines in New York City! These are some of the fastest server chips that Intel offers, on a per-core basis, and work fantastic for game servers and other intensive applications. We've priced them aggressively out of the gate.
  • We've dropped prices again. We dropped prices on dedicated servers across the board last month (for many customers, it was a $20 difference) -- and now we've dropped them further. Our popular E3-1270v3 and E3-1271v3 configurations, for instance, have gone down another $15. Now's a great time to order a new machine or upgrade.

Game and voice servers:

  • We've started a sale on game and voice servers that gives $10 off every order of $100 or more, and $5 off orders between $50 and $100.

Virtual servers:

  • VDSes already offered an outstanding value, but as with dedicated servers, we have dropped prices for most plans even further.
  • We have adjusted our Windows fee to better match how we are charged by Microsoft. The fee is now calculated based on the number of ordered cores, instead of being flat. This means that smaller servers do not have to pay as much for the Windows installation, but larger servers have to pay more. We still heavily subsidize the fee to make it as affordable as possible.
  • We have bumped up our requirement for managed game-server-only VDSes to 6 cores at minimum. We have been seeing many customers running into resource limitations with the old 4-core option, and with the new lower pricing, it is too inexpensive for us to be able to support smaller configurations.


  • We've dropped the price of our 'Standard' plan to 4.99 and our 'Pro' plan to 9.99.

If you have a service with us already, make sure to visit the order page and check to see if your price has gone down -- and lock it in if it has, by submitting an adjustment there. Adjustments are quick and easy, and our system handles them automatically. (Dedicated servers are more complicated and those customers will need to contact us). If you'd rather continue your current configuration at its current price, you can also do that, thanks to our grandfathering policy.